Kot: Hof ten Blooten, Vilvoorde

Kot Vilvoorde

Room available in lovely house south of Brussels

The house is located outside Brussels (about 15 km south, near the town of Halle) There are currently two rooms available and very flexible concerning rental agreements House is large, spacious and very well equipped with garden, terrace and parking is easy It's about 15 km south of Brussels with close access to the ring-road. Trains run often and take 10 mins to get to Brussels from the local train station which is about 25 mins walk, or just a few mins by bicycle/car Braine L'alleud, Waterloo, Nivelles all within close driving distance The local town is nearby, lots of bars, restaurants, shops.. the larger shops, Carrefour, Ikea, Decathlon, etc are no more than 10/15 minutes drive away, not much traffic The house is situated in suburbia with countryside, parks, farms right on the doorstep and very simple to go for a walk, jog or cycle All mod-cons, well equipped kitchen, washer, drier, fast internet, netflix, cable TV, gardening, bicycles, table tennis, barbeque, etc The house itself has a garage, basement, large living room with sliding doors onto terrace, kitchen/dining, 3 bedrooms, large walk-in loft/attic, acres of storage space I am male, Irish, working in a town nearby and have lots of experience sharing and cohabiting, second flatmate is female, working in Brussels Rent is 440 euros per month, 90 euros for charges (this is flexible depending on rental agreement) The room itself is hardwood floors, quiet and faces East. Rooms are furnished (basic) Please contact for me if you have any questions or want more info and will be happy to send more details/arrange a viewing

Hof ten Blooten
€ 440
Kot vrij voor verhuur

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