Kot: Veldstraat, Kortrijk

Kot Kortrijk


5 STUDENTS: The student house is for 5 students. We try always to have a mix (2,3) between International & Belgian students, and between boys & girls. The house contains 3 well-furnished student rooms destined for 1 person, and 1 big duplex-room destined for 2 persons. The kitchen, shower and toilet are shared. GOOD NEIGHBOORHOOD: Veldstraat 16 is a nice neighbourhood for students. Not expensive, and you can find all the daily things you need at walking distance. There is a very good warehouse "Delhaize", a bakery, a butcher, a laundry, and some small food shops, all situated within a distance of 100 metres from the house. CENTRAL LOCATION: The student house is located near the city centre and near the car-free shopping zone of Kortrijk. The universities like Vives, Kulak and Howest, and all other places in the centre of Kortrijk can be reached in 5 minutes by bike. In Kortrijk all students usually rent a yellow city bike, which can be rented during your stay at a very cheap price. CLEANING WOMAN: All common spaces like the hall, the kitchen, the staircase, the shower and toilet, are cleaned on a weekly basis by a cleaning woman. The cost of the cleaning woman is included in the all-in price. There are no extras to be paid. ALL-IN PRICE: 275 € + 50 € = 325 € All-In Price, no extras ! The cleaning woman and all utilities like electricity, hot water, heating, internet, are also included in the all-in price, as well as several small expenses that are provided as well. Like toilet paper, small waste bags to use at your desk or in your room, big garbage bags of the city, cleaning products, things for the kitchen, etc. It is of great comfort for a student that he will never have to worry about buying these things because this is provided in the house. These services allow the foreign student just to concentrate on what he is here for and not on his accommodation. An ideal place for having a fantastic experience in Belgium. ASK FOR MORE INFO: Contact the landlord and ask for the personal website with more information and photos. Check out availability by making contact.

€ 275
Kot vrij voor verhuur

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